We’d like to introduce ourselves as your Title 1A Reading Team!

Reading Specialist: Meghan Flanary

Title 1A Instructional Assistants: DeAnn Davison, Sarah Hopkins

Title 1A is a federally funded program which provides opportunities for students in grades K-3 to receive additional services to strengthen their reading abilities. Small student groups meet 4-5 times per week for at least 30 minutes with one of our teachers to work on phonemic awareness (the sounds of our language, like rhyming), phonics (the letters attached to those sounds), decoding and encoding (sounding out and spelling), reading fluency and/or comprehension. Title 1A services are provided in addition to the students’ core instructional program in their classrooms.

Our main goal is to provide extra practice and support so that our students will become lifelong readers.

Please feel free to contact Meghan Flanary if you have any questions!

541.316.2830 ext. 4222

Meghan Flanary